Hopper, Pte Stanley 4620097 Died: 19 September 1943 aged 27. Bone War Cemetery, Algeria VII D 3. Son of William and Annie Hopper, of Jarrow, Co Durham; husband of Margaret Hopper, of Jarrow. Originally enlisted The Duke of Wellington's Regiment.

Horn, Pte Lawrence Horace, Pte, 4464776 Died: 15 September 1943 aged 29. Salerno War Cemetery, Italy III D 8. Son of Herbert William and Emma Horn. Born Hudderfield; enlisted Yorkshire.

Hoy, Sgt William Miller 4454567 Died: 1 October 1943 aged 24. El Alia Cemetery, Algeria 12 C 36. Son of William and Margaret Hamilton Hoy; husband of Edna May Hoy, of Gateshead, Co Durham. Died accidentally. Photograph in Evening Chronicle, Newcastle 12/11/43.

Hucklebridge, Pte Albert Frank 14205731 Died: 22 April 1943 aged 21 Medjez-El-Bab War Cemetery 16 D 17. Son of Albert Frank and Ada Maud Hucklebridge, of Watford Hertfordshire. Originally enlisted General Service Corps.

Hunter, Pte Edward 4469548 Died: 27 February-1 March 1943 aged 25 Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 29. Son of Stephen and Eva Hunter; huband of Catherine R Hunter, of Forest Hall, Northumberland. Photograph Newcastle Evening Chronicle 23/5/44.

Hunter, Pte Richard Heslop 4470267 Died: 27 February 1943 aged 23 Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 29. Son of Richard and Mary Hunter; husband of Jenny Hankin Hunter, of Sunderland, Co Durham. Photograph, Sunderland Echo, 6/4/43, p 5: 'Pte R H Hunter, DLI, 56 St Luke's Road....reported missing in North Africa.' B Company (TTr).

Hutton, Pte John Davidson 4469550 Died: 3 September 1944 aged 28. Montecchio War Cemetery, Italy IV B 6. Son of Robert and Mary Hutton; husband of Freda Hutton, of Blackhill, Co Durham. Recorded as 1st Btn DLI by CWGC.

Isaac, L/Cpl Noah 4621021 Died: 19 September 1944 aged 29. Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy XIX A 1. Son of Noah and Beatrice Isaac, of Romford, Essex. Originally enlisted The Duke of Wellington's Regiment.

Jackson, Pte Alan 4470078 Died: 12 May 1944 aged 20. Prague War Cemetery, Czechoslovakia I B 12. Son of Henry and Esther Jackson, of Willington, Co Durham. (Died while POW, most probably due to the heavy US daylight bombing raids on this day: see also Pte Charles Moore.)

Jackson, Pte Fred 4758730 Died: 30 January 1944 aged 37. Cassino Memorial, Italy Panel 10. Husband of M Jackson, of Silsden, Yorkshire Photograph Bradford Telegraph and Argus 15/3/45. Originally enlisted The York and Lancaster Regiment.

Jennings, Pte Joseph 4469251 Died: 22 April 1943 aged 22. Massicault War Cemetery I M 4. Son of Joseph and Jenny Jennings, of South Shields, Co Durham; husband of Margaret Hedwith Jennings, of South Shields.Photograph Shields Gazette 15/5/43.(SM)

Jerrison, Sgt Joseph 4036366 Died: 12 September 1944 aged 27. Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy IV E 1 Son of William and Mabel Jerrison, of West Bromwich, Stafordshire; husband of Hilda Rose Jerrison, of West Bromwich. Originally enlisted The King's Shropshire Light Infantry.

Johns, Pte William Rossiter 4456155 Died: 9 September 1943 aged 32 Salerno War Cemetery, Italy IV E 31. Son of Henry Pearce Johns and Catherine Jane Johns; husband of Mary Emma Johns, of Durham. Recorded as 16th Btn DLI by CWGC on burial; now amended to 18th Btn DLI.

Johnson, Lt Frank 300166 Died: 9 December 1944 [age not recorded] Phaleron War Cemetery, Greece 17 B 8. Son of John Harcourt Johnson and Emma Johnson, of Wakefield, Yorkshire. Recorded as 'RA attached DLI' (battalion number not recorded) by CWGC.

Johnson, Pte Thomas Armstrong 4466490 Died: 4 February 1943 aged 31. Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery 4 E 22. Son of Jack and Florence Johnson, of Gateshead, Co Durham; husband of Janet Johnson, of Low Teem, Gateshead. Photograph in Evening Chronicle, Newcastle 16/2/43.

Jones, Cpl Gwilym Thomas, Cpl, 4198235 Died: 22 September 1943 aged 24. Catania War Cemetery, Italy III D 22. Son of Mary J Jones, of Talysarn, Caernarvonshire. Recorded as 8th Btn DLI by CWGC. Originally enlisted The Royal Welch Fusiliers.

Jones, Pte Iorwerth 3969349 Died: 13 September 1944 aged 31. Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy IV E 7. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born Glamorgan; enlisted Glamorgan. Originally enlisted The Welch Regiment.

Keenan, L/Cpl Dennis 4542527 Died: 23 December 1944 aged 24. Athens Memorial, Greece Face 7. Son of Lilian Keenan; husband of Nora Keenan, of Bramley, Leeds. Born Co Durham; enlisted Northumberland. Originally enlisted The West Yorkshire Regiment. (JR)

Kelly, Pte John, 4469906
Reported missing, North Africa, 27/2/43-1/3/43.
Stalag 344, POW No 76855.
Died after return to UK, 25/9/47, DLI battalion not recorded by CWGC, aged 30.
Son of John and Mary Kelly, of Darlington; husband of Winifred Kelly, of Hull. Darlington (North) Cemetery, Sec C, Row M, Grave 221. Previously held POW in Italy.

Kemp, Pte Frederick Leonard 4469252 Died: 27 August 1944 aged 24. Ancona War Cemetery, Italy IV J 5. Son of Frederick and Mary Kemp, of Thornaby-on-Tees, Yorkshire. Photograph in Evening Gazette, Middlesborough, 29/9/44; 'died of wounds'. (JR)

Kennedy, Sgt Douglas 4459612 Died: 6 December 1943 aged 26. Cassino War Cemetery, Italy VII B 18. Son of Thomas and Jane Ellen Kennedy, of South Shields, Co Durham; husband of Elsie Kennedy, of South Shields. Photograph in Shields Gazette, 8/1/44.

Kershaw, Pte Edwin 4468256 Died: 24 April 1943 aged 30. Massicault War Cemetery III C 15. Son of James and Mary Jane Kershaw; husband of May Kershaw, of Sudden, Rochdale, Lancashire.

Kershaw, Pte John 4470382 Died 2 March 1943 aged 20. Massicault War Cemetery VI A 13. Son of Mrs E Kershaw, of Littleborough, Lancashire. C Company (TTu). Died in German captivity, Sedjenane. Campaign Medals now on display at DLI Museum. Brief biography:

Kirkley, Pte Joseph 4466497 Died: 27 February 1943 aged 32 Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 29. Son of Joseph Longstaff Kirkley and Isabella Kirkley, of Hunwick, Co Durham.

Kirkup, Capt Frederick David Brookes 68316 Died: 9 September 1943 aged 27. Salerno War Cemetery, Italy IV B 27. Son of Col Ernest Hodgson Kirkup and Helen Chadwick Kirkup, of Low Fell, Co Durham. HQ Company, Carrier Platoon, in 1942-43 (JD).

Lane, Pte Alfred Cyril 4464999 Died: 2 March 1943 aged 22. Medjez-El-Bab Memorial, Tunisia Face 29. Son of Herbert and Ada Margaret Lane; husband of Rhoda Lane, of Barnsley, Yorkshire.

Latimer, Lt Charles Scott 176389 Died: 9 March 1943 aged 22. Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia VI A 10. Son of Charles Harold and Mary Latimer, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Died of wounds in Italian hands as POW. In Memoriam Evening Chronicle, Newcastle. 2/7/43 & Newcastle Journal 1/7/43. D Company in January 1943 (War Diary).