The Suffolk Regiment 5,819,001-5,875,000
The Northamptonshire Regiment 5,875,001-5,931,000
The Cambridgeshire Regiment 5,931,001-5,942,000
The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment 5,942,001-5,998,000
The Essex Regiment 5,998,001-6,076,000
The Queen's Royal Regiment 6,076,001-6,132,000
The East Surrey Regiment 6,132,001-6,188,000
The Middlesex Regiment 6,188,001-6,278,000
The Buffs 6,278,001-6,334,000
The Royal West Kent Regiment 6,334,001-6,390,000
The Royal Sussex Regiment 6,390,001-6,446,000
The Royal Fusiliers 6,446,001-6,515,000
The Inns of Court Regiment 6,802,501-6,814,000
Honourable Artillery Company (Infantry) 6,825,001-6,837,000
The King's Royal Rifle Corps 6,837,001-6,905,000
The Rifle Brigade 6,905,001-6,972,000
The Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 6,972,001-7,006,000
The Royal Ulster Rifles 7,006,001-7,040,000
The Royal Irish Fusiliers 7,040,001-7,075,000
Royal Dublin Fusiliers (disbanded) 7,075,001-7,109,000
Royal Irish Regiment 7,109,001-7,143,000
Connaught Rangers (disbanded) 7,143,001-7,177,000
Leinster Regiment (disbanded) 7,177,001-7,211,000
Royal Munster Fusiliers (disbanded) 7,211,001-7,245,000
Royal Army Medical Corps 7,245,001-7,536,000
The Army Dental Corps 7,536,001-7,539,000
Royal Guernsey Militia and Royal Alderney Artillery Militia 7,539,001-7,560,000
Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey 7,560,001-7,574,000
Royal Army Ordinance Corps 7,574,001-7,657,000
Royal Army Pay Corps 7,657,001-7,681,000
Corps of Military Police 7,681,001-7,717,000
Military Provost Staff Corps 7,717,001-7,718,800
Small Arms School Corps 7,718,801-7,720,400
Army Education Corps 7,720,401-7,732,400
Band of the Royal Military College 7,732,401-7,733,000
Corps of Military Accountants (disbanded) 7,733,001-7,75,7000
Royal Army Veterinary Corps 7,757,001-7,807,000
Machine Gun Corps (disbanded) 7,807,001-7,868,000
Royal Tank Regiment 7,868,001-7,891,868
Royal Armoured Corps 7,891,869-8,230,000
(also includes block numbers 558,471-558,761 listed above)
Militia 10,000,001-10,350,000
Intelligence Corps 10,350,001-10,400,000
Royal Army Pay Corps 10,400,001-10,500,000
Middle East Second Echelon (for issue to Allies locally enlisted) 10,500,001-10,508,000
The Army Dental Corps 10,510,001-10,530,000
Royal Army Ordinance Corps 10,530,001-10,600,000
Reconnaissance Corps 10,600,001-10,630,000
Army Catering Corps 10,630,001-10,655,000
Army Physical Training Corps 10,655,001-10,660,000
Royal Army Service Corps 10,660,001-11,000,000 (in addition to earlier allocation)
Royal Artillery Coast Defence and Anti-Aircraft Branch
(in addition to previous allocation block) 11,000,001-11,500,000
Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps (Pioneer Corps
from November 1940) 13,000,001-14,000,000
The Lowland Regiment 14,000,001-14,002,500
The Highland Regiment 14,002,501-14,005,001
General Service Corps (introduced September 1943) 14,200,001-15,000,000
India, for local enlistment into British Corps and Regiments 15,000,001-15,005,000
Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 16,000,001-16,100,000
Non-Combatant Corps 97,000,001-97,100,000
The London Regiment (TA Records maintained by units to which assigned)
The Auxiliary Territorial Service (Women) W/1-W/500,000
Voluntary Aid Detachment (introduced September 1943) W/500,001-W/1,000,000