Part A

The following soldiers are all recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as having died during the Battle of Sedjenane (February 27th-March 4th 1943). However, the consecutive list records their deaths as occurring several days later.

S Bernard (Consecutive List 11/2/43. CWGC 27/2/43
S Strachan (Consecutive List 5/2/43. CWGC 27/2/43)
E Hunter (Consecutive List: 10/3/43. CWGC: 27/2-1/3/43)
E Walker (Consecutive List: 10/3/43. CWGC: 27/2-1/3/43)
J E Cairns (Consecutive List: 18/3/43. CWGC: 2/3/43)
S P Hewison (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 27/2-1/3/43)
F McDonough (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 27/2/43)
J W Skellington (Consecutive List: 22/3/43: CWGC: 1/3/43)
S W Southwick (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 2/3/43)
M Staplyton (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 1-2/3/43)
E Thornley (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 27/2/43)
K W Thornton (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 27/2/-1/3/43)
J Turnbull (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 1-2/3/43)
W C Wharton (Consecutive List: 22/3/43. CWGC: 1/3/43)
W Bell (Consecutive List: 23/3/43. CWGC: 27/2-1/3/43)
E Rigby (Consecutive List: 23/3/43. CWGC: 1-2/3/43)
J S Roberts (Consecutive List: 23/3/43. CWGC: 28/2/-1/3/43)
W Nodder (Consecutive List: 25/3/43. CWGC: 27/2-1/3/43)
H Oates (Consecutive List: 25/3/43. CWGC: 2/3/43)

Part B

Names on the consecutive listing of 16th DLI Casualties which do not feature as 16th DLI on the other Rolls (NOT included on the preceding Roll):

Beal, Pte Henry John Thomas 14398596 Died: 11 June 1944 aged 21. Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery, Calvados, France II E 9. Son of Henry George and Louisa Olive Beal, of Dover. Recorded as 8th Battalion DLI by CWGC

Johnson, Pte W Died: 25 March 1945. Most probably a misprint (1945 for 1943) for:
Johnson, Pte Stanley Wilfred 4470081 Died: 25 March 1943 aged 22. Sfax War Cemetery, Tunisia VI B 20. Son of William Ewart Johnson and Ethel Lancaster Johnson, of Cockerton, Darlington, Co Durham. Recorded as 8th Btn DLI by CWGC.

Walters, Pte Victor John 5674566 Died: 30 June 1944 aged 25. Tilly-Sur-Seulles War Cemetery, Calvados, France VI B 10. Husband of Dorothy May Walters, of Brisington, Bristol. Recorded as 6th Btn DLI by CWGC.

Walley, Pte W J Died: 10/9/44. Most probably a misprint for:
Wasley, Pte William J 5437261 Died: 10 September 1944. Recorded as DLI on WO Roll, but buried in NW Europe.

Wilks, Pte Fred 14573988 Died: 15 September 1944 [age not recorded]. Arrezo War Cemetery, Italy I A 17. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Recorded as 1st Btn DLI by CWGC.

Wilson, Pte John William 14825982 Died: 17 January 1945 aged 18. Newcastle-upon-Tyne (St Nicholas) Cemetery, Northumberland. Section X Grave 151. Son of John William and Mary Jane Wilson, of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Battalion number not recorded by CWGC. Drowned in training accident (confirmed by newspaper reference).

Yeomans, Pte Eric 14382076 Died: 13 September 1944 aged 25.
Arezzo War Cemetery, Italy Coll. grave III C 29-30. Son of Alfred Grays Yeomans and Mary Amelia Yeomans; husband of Nellie Emily Ada Yeomans, of Hounslow, Middlesex. Recorded as 1st Btn DLI by CWGC.

Also, the following casualty is listed as 8th Battalion DLI, but must have been posted to another unit at the time of his death in Italy:

Bailey, Pte Allan 14286736 Died: 17 January 1944 aged 20. Bari War Cemetery, Italy X E 22. Son of Samuel and Mabel Maud Bailey, of Milton, Staffordshire. Recorded as 8th Battalion by CWGC



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