Adapted and expanded from the 16 DLI War Diary summary (I have added some names and extra details and written some abbreviations in full), the bare facts of the battle were as follows:

Friday 26th February 1943

Afternoon: CO Lt Col Richard Ware and the Company Commanders go on a recce to Teboursouk on the central front to scout the Battalion's planned new positions. Second-in-Command Major David Bannerman puts the Battalion on the ground around Sedjenane.

Saturday 27th February

0610: First attack and contact with the enemy under the Second-in-Command. Further attacks launched in the early afternoon, by C Company and No 1 Commando in the hills to the left, by B Company into the plain area between the hills and by D Company against the hills to the right.

Evening: C Company and 4 Troop No 1 Commando on Jobey's Bump (a small gentle slope, name after the C Company CO). Other companies having stalled in exposed, open ground, withdraw to the Wood area. Battalion HQ at a small Arab settlement map reference 222 778.

Sunday 28th February

C Company still holding positions on Jobey's Bump. A and D Companies amalgamated (A Company suffered the heaviest casualties in the first day's fighting). Captain J H Waylen, ex-D Company Commander becomes Battalion Adjutant.

Monday 1st March

Battalion HQ movies to the Wood, just north of Sedjenane. CO's orders for an attack on Hill 231 and Djebel Guerba--the left high ground held by the Germans to the north of Sedjenane.

Tuesday 2nd March

0600 16 DLI attack Hill 231 and Dejebel Guerba. The attacks fail at the cost of many casualties. Pte John Leadbitter of D Company was awarded the Military Medal for his actions on this day. D Company 6th Lincolnshire Regiment is assigned to hold the base area from which the attacks are launched.

Approx 1000 The 2/5th Foresters attacked in force in their positions to the east of Sedjenane. The Germans break through. Many casualties. The remnants of the 2/5th Foresters withdraw to Tamera in the evening.

Evening 16 DLI transport moved back to Djebel Aboid
6th Lincs moved to Sedjenane village and take up positions. 16 DLI Battalion HQ, elements of HQ Company and 20 men of the 2/5th Foresters led by Capt Newton defending the Wood.

Wednesday 3rd March

1000 Enemy attack 6th Lincs positions in Sedjenane in force and beaten off.

1630-1900 The small Arab village to the north of Sedjenane is attacked in force by the Germans and held at bay for over two hours by a party of 22 HQ Company personnel led by Major T G L Balance. L/Sgt Joe Drake of the Carrier Platoon was awarded the MM for his actions on this day.

Thursday 4th March

0100 Enemy attack Sedjenane and gain a foothold in the village.

0700 Enemy counter-attacked by eight Churchill tanks of the North Irish Horse.

1530 British troops withdraw from Sedjenane to Tamera.


Sedjenane DLI Timeline
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