Charles Bray POW Newspaper Cutting

Returned Correspondence, Sgt Charles Bray, March 1943
Charles Bray Newspaper Item
Returned Letters toSgt Charles Bray 1943

The letters above were returned to Sgt Charles Bray’s mother in mid-1943. Note the signatures by 16th DLI officers Lt F P Duffy and Capt H Pritchard. The item at left from the Buckingham Advertiser proves that inaccuracies in journalism are not just a modern phenomenon! The reporter obviously had difficulty in reconciling a local Buckingham man’s service with the faraway DLI of County Durham and so invented his own unit: ‘the Bucks Battalion Light Infantry’! Of course, there was then a Regiment called The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, but Charles Bray’s previous service was in the other local infantry regiment, The Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment, to which he was called up, serving with the 6th Battalion, in January 1940. All items courtesy of Charles Bray.
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