MV Staffordshire Christmas Menu
16th DLI signed menu

The original of this signed Christmas Day 1942 16th DLI officers’ dinner menu for the MV Staffordshire was loaned to me my Capt Gordon Harris, who was the Signal Platoon officer with the Battalion from mid-1943. In happier peace time days, the Staffordshire was an ocean liner serving the Far East, as evidenced by the Thirties advertising copy for the Bibby Line at right. Christmas fare for Other Ranks on Christmas Day 1942 was much more basic! To read a letter written aboard the troopship click here.

Of the officers’ signatures featured at left, Lt Duck was killed at Sedjenane. Lt Logan at Salerno. Lt Ryan was wounded in Tunisia. Lt Weightman was taken POW in late March 1943. Lt Mynheer MM was wounded in North Africa and returned to the Battalion The last two signatures are so far indecipherable.

For a May 1942 16 DLI officers’ listing, click here.

Christmas Day 1942 MV Staffordshire, 16 DLI Officers’ Signed Menu
Biibby Line Advert
MV Staffordshire