A Poem about the First Battle of Sedjenane by Cpl Eric Lowther, 6th Battalion, the Lincolnshire Regiment
Cpl Eric Lowther, first left trio, 6th Lincs

Cpl Eric Lowther of the 6th Battalion the Lincolnshire Regiment, is pictured at left above with two fellow NCOs in this hugely evocative wartime photograph. For the story behind the poem he wrote about the First Battle of Sedjenane, see the following page. Photographs and text in this section courtesy of Mark Gamble

The Battle of Sedjenane

Zero hour was drawing near,
Patrols went out to seek
The enemy who had pressed us
Until we felt so weak.
Every nerve in every man
Was tensed before the battle
Soon big guns began to roar
And machine guns began to rattle.

Onward came the drunken Hun
Once, twice, thrice, and more
But still the men behind the guns
Fought on as this was war.
All day long they tried to break
Our lines, still strong as steel
But men they found it hopeless
And the strain began to feel.

The sun went down and darkness fell
But our men still brave and true
Fought on until the morning light
Which brought them hopes anew.
The enemy who had suffered loss
Fetched up more men to break
Our lines still strong and forlorn
And our positions tried to take.

All day long through toil and sweat
Men fought with dauntless courage
Until at last unbeaten yet
Withdrawn still fighting steady
Although our pals we had to leave
Never to see again
But one day the foe will suffer
For the Battle of Sedjenane

Eric Lowther’s poem ended with a dedication:

“Dedicated by Corporal Lowther to the Officers and Men of the 6th Lincolns Regiment who stood to their guns and willingly gave up their lives in those hours of hell. They fought this battle with the courage of a true Lincoln. Gladly they went to where duty called. They did not flinch themselves to save, but through their valour we have found new strength, new greatness and new life”.

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