The Military Medal Citation of L/Cpl Frank Dawson Kennedy, North Irish Horse, Sedjenane, 4/3/43

Kennedy, L/Cpl Frank Dawson, 7903320, C Squadron, North Irish Horse.

Award of the Military medal. Recommendation received at Brigade 10/3/43 and recorded in the London Gazette of 4/5/43.

'On Thursday 4 MAR a small detachment of North Irish Horse tanks were operating in the area of Sedjenane with orders to cover the withdrawal of the 6 LINCOLNSs and 1 Commando. A F.O.O. had been given the use of one of these tanks. At approximately 1400 hours this tank was hit by mortar fire; the F.O.O. killed, the gunner wounded and the second driver badly wounded. The first driver had been killed in an earlier action.

'L/Cpl Kennedy, who was in a tank 100 yards away, immediately volunteered to drive the F.O.O.'s tank out of action. He crossed this 100 yards under heavy mortar fire, entered the tank and managed to make a difficult turn in the road, with no one dismounted to give him guiding signals. He then drove the tank back to rejoin the detachment commander.

'By his coolness and determination under heavy fire he undoubtedly saved the tank from possible capture.'


1) F.O.O. stands for Forward Observation Officer, a member of the Royal Artillery, Itís possible this officer was Lt F G M Hooper, who was the only 70th Field Regiment officer killed on this day. His CWGC record is as follows:

Hooper, Lt Francis Geoffrey Morgan, 200619. Died 4/3/43, serving with the 70th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery. Aged not recorded by CWGC. Son of Mr and Mrs H M Hooper, of Elmswell, Suffolk. Massicault War Cemetery, Tunisia, VI L 14.

However, itís also possible that the casualty was a member of the 5th Medium Regiment, who were also engaged in the battle. Further details requested.

2) Total North Irish Horse casualties at Sedjenane on 4/3/43 were four Other Ranks killed and five Other Ranks wounded. See this external site: (dead link in 2023)

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