'The Coy Comd (who was later killed) called for a repeat of Artillery Concentration. Shells fell short and Lt Reynolds was told to start to withdraw the Company to a position slightly in rear. Just then the Coy Commander was killed. Lt Reynolds at once assumed control. He moved about exposed to fire in amongst the company and directed the withdrawal to a safer position. By his leadership and personal courage he was able to control this withdrawal and then directed the Platoons into the new position. He showed scant regard for his own personal safety so that his men should be able to receive the order to withdraw. Throughout the rest of the day when exposed to sniping and sporadic mortar fire, he kept the men with him together and only withdrew when ordered to do so under cover of darkness. I recommend this Officer for the immediate award of a Military Cross.' Recommended by A/Lt Col J C Preston, Comd 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

THREADGOLD, Sgt Donald 4689911 MM

'On 22 Apr, 16 DLI attacked a feature known as Sidi Barka near BOU ARADA. Sgt Threadgold was comd No 11 Pl, B Coy. When it became light the Company came under severe mortar fire and were held up on the slopes of the SADDLE. This fire was directed by an enemy OP firmly established in a strong point on the top of the Barka feature. Sjt Threadgold continued to try and reach this enemy OP which was controlling the mortar fire. The Coy Comd of B Company (later killed) called for a repeat of Artillery concentration and as shells fell short ordered the Coy to withdraw to a safe distance. Sjt Threadgold withdrew his men under fire to a safer position and directed the occupation of this position. At all times he was a great example to his men, by his leadership and disregard of his own personal safety he controlled his Platoon in a difficult situation. Later he crawled forward under fire to look for wounded and brought back 5 or 6 personally. I recommend this NCO for the immediate award of the Military Medal.' Recommended by Lt Col J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

CALDERBANK, L/Cpl Arthur 4462113 MM

'This L/Cpl was in charge of the stretcher bearers of B Coy, 16 DLI. During 22 Apr, the company was employed in an attack on a feature known as SIDI BARKA near BOU ARADA. The company suffered casualties during to mortar fire, shell fire and MG fire. L/Cpl Calderbank showed great determination and coolness in evacuating and tending wounded under fire. He never considered the danger to which he exposed himself and continued to look for wounded throughout the day. L/Cpl Calderbank has already shown that he always continues to carry out his duties in the face of enemy fire. On this occasion he undoubtedly saved several lives by his gallant action and devotion to duty.I recommend him for the immediate award of a Military Medal. 'Recommended by Lt Col J C Preston, Comd 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

WILSON, A/WOII (CSM) Stanley Arthur 3435626 DCM

'On the morning of 13th September 1943, the enemy got into position on the side of the hospital North of SALERNO. As it was occupied by civilians, the hospital buildings and grounds had been respected by us, but now it became apparent that the Germans were using it. A Company, 16th Btn THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY, to which Company Sgt Major WILSON belongs, were ordered to attack and drive the enemy off the position they had occupied. The time was about 1000 hours. A Company supported by mortar fire (3") and smoke went up the hill into the attack. As the majority of the Company swung right handed to get round the enemy's flank, they came under intense machine gun fire. The Company Commander and Second-in-Command were both wounded.

The only other officer was further over moving round the left flank. The Company Commander ordered the Company back and to move over to the left to join the other platoon who were using a more covered line of approach.


Capt T Reynolds MC, 16th DLI

Captain Tom Reynolds MC. This is an enlargement from the 1944 Officers’ group photograph. Click here to see the full photo and caption. Below, CSM S ‘Nutty’ Wilson DCM, is pictured at Bethlehem, Palestine, in May 1944, flanked by Padre G Meek and his one-time A Coy CO, Major A E C Vizard, who was seriously wounded in the same action which resulted in Wilson’s DCM. Click on the photograph to enlarge it. For more on Major Vizard, click here.
Padre Meek, Nutty Wilson, A E C Vizard, Bethlehem