COLLINS, WS/Lt Russell Henry 264626 MC

'On 6 December 1943 A Company 16th Btn The Durham Light Infantry at about 0700 hrs were working down the COCURZZO SPUR to assist C Company on Pt 430. Enemy machine gun fire and snipers on the right flank inflicted casualties. The Company was temporarily held up and the leading platoon returning fire in the direction of a house (Map reference 937067, Italy 1/50,000, CASSINO, Sheet 160 II). Lieut Collins quickly appreciated the situation. Moving round the right flank accompanied by 3 men, he reached the house: he dashed forward and ran up the outside staircase and let drive with his Tommy Gun into the top room. Finding nobody there, he moved to the far window and threw a couple of grenades on to the roof of an outhouse below. The door of the outhouse opened and a rifle was poked out. Lt Collins opened up with his Tommy Gun. A white flag then appeared and out trooped 18 German soldiers. By his skill, dash and drive, Lieut Collins relieved the pressure on the Company's right flank. His personal courage and swift action were a great inspiration to his own men and the Company as a whole. I most strongly recommend this young officer for the immediate award of a Military Cross.'
Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

JONES, WS/Capt Hugh Morris 226721 MC (RAMC attached 16th Bn DLI)

'At about 1100 hrs on 6th December 1943, Battalion Headquarters of 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry were established on the SW slopes of Pt 615 on the COCURUZZO Spur (map reference 941068. reference map Italy 1/50,000 CASSINO Sheet 160 II). Captain Jones RAMC, with his Regimental Aid Post were also in this area. A Company and a reconnaissance party, who were 400 yards forward trying to reach C Company, had suffered casualties from an enemy machine gun and snipers. Capt Jones decided that the difficulties of evacuation along the route the Battalion had come from were so great that he must establish his RAP forward and hope that the route to CALABRITTO (9405) would soon be opened up.

'He moved forward and established an RAP in the area of a ruined house where he would be able to compete with casualties. His party were shot at on the way and two stretcher bearers lifting a stretcher were killed. Undeterred, Captain Jones set up his RAP still under observation and intermittent fire. Casualties were brought in and whilst being dealt with, mortar fire forced the doctor to move from one part of the building to another. In time they were all safely evacuated. Captain Jones showed the greatest devotion to duty and real courage. He was an inspiration to those working under him and the wounded. I most strongly recommend Captain Jones for an immediate award of a Military Cross.' Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

CAWDRON, WS/Cpl John Charles 4464722 MM

'On 6th December 1943, at about 1130 hours, Corporal Cawdron was in charge of a Stretcher Bearer squad in the area of Pt 615 map reference 941068, ref map ITALY 1/50,000. CASSINO Sheet 160 II. Corporal Cawdron showed great bravery and devotion to duty. He collected casualties in full view of the enemy and under sniping and machine gun fire. Two stretcher bearers were killed by a sniper but Corporal Cawdron continued to carry out his work in collecting casualties. His gallant action enabled wounded to receive medical attention at the earliest possible moment and he undoubtedly was instrumental in saving the lives of several of his comrades. I strongly recommend this NCO for the immediate award of a Military Medal.'
Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.


John Cawdron MM

Dr Hugh Maurice Jones MC, the picture above is enlarged from this informal 1944 photograph of six 16th DLI officers. The actual MC and the WW2 campaign medals awarded to Dr Jones are featured at right. Click on the image for an enlargement and more information.

Below, Cpl John Cawdron MM, photograph courtesy of his brother Sam Cawdron, who also served in the 16th DLI.
Dr H M Jones MC
R Collins

The photograph above of Lt Russell Collins MC is enlarged from the 1944 officers’ photograph.
WW2 Medals of Dr H Jones MC, RAMC