Three Men of B Coy, 16 DLI, 1942

Three Men of B Company, 16 DLI, Rye, 1942

Privates Tom Turnbull, Albert Pike and Bill Hitch of B Company, 16 DLI. Courtesy of Tom Turnbull, this photograph was taken outside the cookhouse (which was soon afterwards demolished by a German bomb) at Rye Sussex in mid-1942. All three men feature on the 1942 B Company photograph. Hitch also features on the 1940 recruit training squad photograph. All three men were seriously wounded in the Battle of Sedjenane in March 1943. Pike, who lost an arm in the battle, was taken POW and repatriated back to the UK in 1944. To read a 1944 newspaper item on his return, click here. Turnbull was wounded again in Italy and, promoted to Sergeant, stayed with the 16th DLI through to its disbandment in 1946.