Book List and Links Part Two

General Recommended Books List

Birth of an Army by A B Austin, Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1943

A forgotten classic. A B Austin was the war correspondent of the London Daily Herald in Tunisia. His account of the campaign includes some brilliantly written descriptive passages of the terrain, tactics and conditions in the Green Hill sector of the front. Very highly recommended. A B Austin was killed at Salerno.

The British Army in WWII A Handbook on the Organisation, Armament, Equipment, Ranks Uniforms, etc 1942

Greenhill Books 1990. A reprint of the official 1942 US War Department publication, which explains in great detail to the American serviceman the equipment, weapons and organisation of the 1942 British Army.

British Army Handbook 1939-45, by George Forty

1998 Sutton Publishing. Similar to the above in scope and structure, but updated with many more photographs and also taking full account of the changes in the Army’s weapons’ and structure after 1942.

Green Devils! German Paratroopers 1939-45, by Jean Yves Nasse

Histoires and Collections 1997. A profusely illustrated account, relevant to the 16th DLI because one chapter focuses on the Tunisian Campaign and includes some fascinating photographs of the aftermath of the Sedjenane Battle.

Prisoners of War British Army 1939-45

Reprinted by J B Hayward and Son in 1990, this is a full listing by name, rank, Army Number and POW number of all the 107,000 British Army prisoners held by the Germans in 1945. The original listings were compiled for internal reference by the War Office. Any study of Army POWs in Germany has to begin with this book.

Prisoners of the Reich Germany’s Captives 1939-45, by David Rolf,

Leo Cooper 1988 A good general history and overview of the British POW experience in Germany, which also has a very extensive bibliography.

Salerno, by Hugh Pond

William Kimber 1961. An excellent account of the Salerno Landings of September 1943.


More WW2 Internet Links

This is very large gateway to a huge array of sites with with a British World War Two focus. Information on everything how to obtain British Army records to the Bren gun can be found here.

This excellent site, which brings together long-lost British ex-service personnel, also has an extensive links database covering many WW2 units.

The Second War War Experience Centre at is another high quality collection of links and resources relating to World War Two eyewitness memories.

The Wartime Memories Project features a huge array of eyewitness memories, photographs and high quality links.

The Royal Artillery 1939-45 is an extensive and very well-researched site devoted to all aspects of the wartime RA.

BAOR Locations

This huge site is devoted to the major role played by the British Army of the Rhine since 1945. The site also includes converage of British Occupation Forces immediately after WW2, including Austria, where 16 DLI served through to disbandment,

The 70th Regiment Royal Artillery was never far from the 16th DLI in 1943-45. This informal and very nostalgic page, with several photographs is devoted to the unit’s dance band of 1945, The Seven Zeros.