East, L/Cpl Cecil Henry 5384578 Died: 10 October 1944 aged 22. Assisi War Cemetery, Italy II E 9. Son of John and Mary Alice East, of Slough, Buckinghamshire. B Company (KL). Originally enlisted The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.

Eden, Pte William 4458342 Died: 30 January 1944 aged 25. Minturno War Cemetery, Italy V C 21. Son of William and Elesibeth Eden; husband of Gladys Eden, of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. D Company (KL).

Elvidge, Sgt Jack 4696058 Died: 14 January 1944 aged 27. Cassino War Cemetery 14 B 8. Son of John and Rose Elvidge, of South Kirkby, Yorkshire. Originally enlisted The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry.

Emerson, Sgt Jeffrey 4457407 Died: 27 February-2 March 1943 aged 24. Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 28. Husband of Elizabeth Emerson, of Todmorden, Lancashire. Born Stanhope Co Durham. DLI in 1939. Photographed leading the Cycle Platoon at Winchelsea in 1942 by AFPU. D Company (WJ) C Company prior to promotion (GF). Commemorated on Stanhope War Memorial as Geoffrey Emerson.

Esson, Pte William 4466432 Died: 26 February 1944 aged 32. Brookwood Memorial, Surrey Panel 21 Column 2. Son of James and Sarah Esson. Recorded as 'Army Catering Corps attd. 16th Btn Durham Light Infantry' by the CWGC. 16th DLI War Diary confirms link to 16th Btn in May 1943 (Pte Esson was one of the 16th DLI cooks sent to support the party marching in the Tunis Victory Parade). In Memoriam Evening Chronicle, Newcastle, 8/7/44. C Company in 1942 (JL).

Etherington, WO Class II (CSM) Miles 4436896 Died: 27 February-1 March 1943 aged 42. Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 28. Son of Miles T and Margaret Ann Etherington, of Deckham, Gateshead, Co Durham. DLI in 1939. Reference in Newcastle Evening Chronicle 6/4/43. Photograph 20/11/43. B Company CSM (SSh, SM, TTr, WJ).

Evans, Pte Frank 4470375 Died: 24 September 1943 aged 20. Salerno War Cemetery, Italy IV D 19. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born Lancashire; enlisted Lancashire.

Faulkner Pte, Kenneth 4131132 Died: 7 February 1944 aged 28. Naples War Cemetery, Italy II D 10. Son of Charles and Rose Faulkner, of Birkenhead; husband of Dorothy May Faulkner, of Tranmere. Originally enlisted The Cheshire Regiment.

Fearnley, Pte Arthur Joseph 4470191 Died: 23 December 1943 [age not recorded]. Minturno War Cemetery, Italy V L 20. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born Salford; enlisted Salford. Battalion number not recorded by CWGC. HQ Company (KL).

Ferrell, L/Sgt George 4466434 Died: 12 October 1943 aged 33. Naples War Cemetery, Italy III N 15. Husband of Margaret Ferrell, of Ashington, Northumberland. In Memoriam ('died of wounds') Newcastle Journal 29/10/43 D Company (CB)

Fleming, Pte Laurence 4470192 Died: 27 February 1943 aged 31. Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 29. Son of Thomas and Mary Fleming; husband of Hilda Fleming, of Newton Heath, Manchester.

Forbes, Sgt Albert 4609128 Died: 27 September 1944 aged 33. Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy XVIII F 2. Son of David Frank and Ruth Annie Forbes, of Heckmondwike, Yorkshire; husband of Marion Forbes, of Heckmondwike. Reference Yorkshire Post 24/10/44 & Bradford Telegraph and Argus 20/10/44. A Company (MM Citation for R Crookes).

Foster, Pte Robert 14328731 Died: 1 September 1944 aged 20. Gradara War Cemetery, Italy I A 43. Son of Robert and Mary Ann Forster. Born Co Durham; enlisted Gateshead. Originally enlisted General Service Corps. (JR)

Fox, Pte John Joseph, 4470061 Died: 22 February 1943 aged 22. Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery 2 B 13. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Fox, of Sunderland, Co Durham. Photograph in Sunderland Echo 18/3/43. B Company (TA, SSh, TTr); B Company's first fatality in North Africa.

Gardiner, Pte John George 4164549 Died: 28 December 1944 aged 31 Phaleron War Cemetery, Greece 19 A 5. Son of Joseph and Isabella Gardiner, of Bishop Auckland, Co Durham; husband of Esher Gardiner, of Bishop Auckland. Army Number is 4464549 on War Office Roll.

Geary Pte Wilfred 3452467 Died: 17 November 1944 aged 26. Forli War Cemetery, Italy VI D 17. Son of Ralph Teasdale Geary and of Margaret Geary, of Seaham, Co Durham; husband of Irene Geary, of Seaham. Originally enlisted The Lancashire Fusiliers. B Company.

Gee, Pte Arthur 4469893 Died: 31 August 1944 aged 28. Gradara War Cemetery, Italy II B 8. Son of Arthur and Harriet Gee, of Bridlington, Yorkshire; husband of Florence Gee, of Bridlington. B Company (JR, TTr).

Gibson, Pte Allen 4465742 Died: 23 September 1943 aged 32. Salerno War Cemetery, Italy V F 18. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born Co Durham; enlisted Co Durham. B Company (TTr).

Gleave, L/Cpl Albert Henry 4466031 Died: 16 April 1943 aged 29. Medjez-El-Bab Memorial Face 28. Son of Alfred and E Gleave; husband of K C Gleave, of Wallsend, Northumberland. Born E London; enlisted N London. Stretcher bearer attached to C Company in 1942 (TA).

Glen, Lt John Gibson 308673 Died: 11 September 1944 aged 26. Bari War Cemetery, Italy XI B 3. Son of William and Joan Glen, of Edinburgh Recorded by CWGC as 96 Heavy AA Regt, RA; 16th DLI War Diary confirms posting to 16th DLI.

Godsmark, Pte Francis Alfred 4469516 Died: 13 October 1943 aged 27. Minturno War Cemetery, Italy V A 11. Son of George Henry and Lavina Godsmark, of Middlesborough, Yorkshire; husband of Beatrice Godsmark, of Middlesborough. In Memoriam, Evening Gazette, Middlesborough, 24/11/43, 'died of wounds'. Photograph 27/1/43. D Company (WJ, KL).

Gofton, Pte Arthur 4469517 Died: 11 March 1943 aged 29. Beja War Cemetery 2 G 8. Son of Thomas and Eliza Gofton, of Scarborough, Yorkshire; husband of Evelyn Gofton, of Scarborough. In Memoriam Scarborough Evening News 31/3/43. E Company (LB).

Goldstone, Cpl Maurice 1475530 Died 27 September 1944 [age not recorded]. Coriano Ridge War Cemetery, Italy XVIII F 4. Son of Max and Annie Goldstone, of Leeds, Yorkshire. Photograph Yorkshire Evening Post 24/10/44. D Company (JL). Originally enlisted Royal Artillery, 1938. Transferred DLI, 20/6/44.

Golightly, Cpl James 4465598 Died: 28 February 1943 aged 28. Tabarka Ras Rajel War Cemetery 2 B 14. No CWGC Next of Kin details. Born South Shields; enlisted South Shields. In Memoriam, Shields Gazette, 18/3/43, 'died through wounds received abroad'. B Company (SSh, TTr).

Goodman, Pte Frederick Henry 4465624 Died: 30 January 1944 aged 30. Cassino Memorial, Italy Panel 10. Son of William and Gertrude Goodman; husband of Sarah Goodman, of Romford, Essex.