Another journey took us into the Wildon-Stainz area where we took over from the Russians. Here we received a terrific reception with smiles and flowers everywhere. The Coys moved into final positions as follows: A and HQ Coys, Wildon; B Coy, Stainz (later to Laubegg); C Coy, Allerheiligen; D Coy, Lebring; and Support Coy, Preding.

Since then there have been many changes. For a period of two months we went to Vienna and helped to control the International Area there. It was an honour for the Battalion, for this was during the time when the British were 'in the chair' in the Austrian capital with General McCreery as Supreme Commander.

We returned to Styria for Christmas and shortly afterwards the ‘bombshell' fell: the Battalion was to be disbanded. The 16th Battalion of the Faithful Durhams had served its country well--its task had been accomplished.

We have run a straight race, we have finished the course, we have kept the faith.



Geordie Final Issue Cover
Austria, A Soldier's Guide Cover
Austria, A Soldier's Guide page

Above, the cover and a page from the little booklet guide which was issued to all British and US troops entering Austria in 1945 to take up occupation duties. Courtesy of Ernie Scriven. For more on the Battalion’s time in Austria, click on the image above.