This initial selection of photographs (click on the hyper-links) consists of the following, arranged in broadly chronological order: An Introduction Page which features two photographs: of two Signal Platoon NCOs in late 1940 and of three HQ Company men in late 1944.

A Recruit Squad of the Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment in early 1940 (several of these recruits later became NCOs with the 16th DLI, at least two were awarded the Military Medal.

A Recruit Training Squad of the 16th DLI in late 1940
The Signal Platoon under training in late 1940
A group photo of the Signal Platoon in late 1940
J A ‘Bart’ Philipson, HQ Company, Photos 1940-46

L/Cpl Frank Reynolds of the Signal Platoon in late 1940

Pte Edward Sefton, Pioneer Platoon and six undentified colleagues 1941-42

Sgt J C Henderson photographs, including the 1942 Mortar Platoon and on a ‘scheme’ with Lt Col A S P Murray and Capt T G L Ballance

Sgt Thomas Abbott, Beds and Herts and 16 DLI

Pte Harvey Hurst of C Company and Friends, four photographs from 1940-41
Lt Charles W ‘Bill’ Duck, 15 Platoon, C Company, 1941-43

Les and Stan Bernard, C Company, 1942
Sgt Jack Horsman MM, September 1941

R Company recruits at Folkstone, early 1942, including Ptes Tom Turnbull, G R Hamilton and Norman Bland

Pte Percy Wilson, A Company 1942-43, Photographs and Documents

Three Men of B Company, Rye, Sussex, 1942

Pte Percy Ord, C Company Photographs and Documents

16th DLI Officers, Group Photograph, late 1942
B Company, 16th DLI in late 1942
D Company, 16th DLI in late 1942

Commanding Officer, Sergeants and Warrant Officers of the 16th DLI in late 1942

Pte Evan Darlington, C Company, Ex-14 DLI, POW escaper and 2 DLI, photographs and documents
Sgt Arthur Abbott, 16 DLI, Three Photographs
Pte Tom English and Friends, North Africa, 1943

L/Sgt Thomas Swan, C Company, Family Photographs
Pte Harvey Hurst and Friends, North Africa, 1943
17 Platoon, Blida, North Africa 1943
C/Sgt Crosby, Sgt Battle and CSM James, Blida 1943
Pte J B Hindmarch, 4464321, Sedjenane POW.

Major A E C Vizard, E, A and HQ Companies Photographs and Documents 1943-46

16 DLI Signallers and the Sphinx, Cairo, February 1944
16 DLI Despatch Riders and their Motorcycles
16th DLI Officers in April 1944

HQ Company, April 1944

Six Officers in April 1944
16th DLI Intelligence Section in April 1944

16th DLI Signal Platoon in April 1944

CSM Tony May and A Coy CO Major Alan Hay, 1944

A Platoon of B Company in 1944

L/Sgt John Wintershausen MM, Pioneer Platoon, photographs, including a captured German flag

Four Men of B Company, Damascus, Syria, June 1944
Pte John Peckett MM

C Company Sedjenane Survivors, April 1944
C Company Headquarter’s Section, April 1944
C Company Group Photograph, April 1944
Majors Alan Hay and Frank Duffy MC
Signallers in Damascus, June 1944

Greece, Early 1945, Three Photographs of Pte Harvey Hurst and Unidentified C Company Friends.
B Company Group Photo, Greece, early 1945
Pte A M Davies and Friends, B Company, 1945

Delayed Christmas Celebrations, Men of B Company, Greece, February 1945
On Parade: Men of B Company, Greece 1945
Men of the Signal Platoon, Greece and Austria 1945

Captains Gordon Harris and Arthur Pearson MC, 16 DLI, Greece 1945

Officers and Men, Support Company, 1945

16 DLI Carrier Platoon, Greece, 1945

16 DLI Dance Band, ‘The Harmony Aces’ Austria 1945
16 DLI Football Team, Austria, 1945

Sgts Tom Turnbull, John Lewindon MM and fellow Sgts, 1945

A group of D Company Sergeant, in the Sgts Mess, Austria, Christmas, 1945

The POW Contingent in Bad Schmiedeberg, Germany in early 1944, including Pte T Tunney, ex-C Company

Some of the British POW Contingent at Camp E 715 Auschwitz including Pte G R Hamilton, ex-B Company

The 70th Field Regiment RA a selection of photographs

HQ, 54 Area, CMF, A Group Photograph

B Company on Ceremonial Parade in Vienna, October-November 1945

The Battalion Buglers, 16 DLI, Austria, Late 1945

The 16 DLI Regimental Police, 1945

Cpl Tom Baker and the ‘Three Tuns’ Greece, 1945

Identity Parade and Query Corner: Mystery 16 DLI Photographs without Names

Tommy Garnett

Pte Tommy Garnett of the 16th DLI in parade ground order. Photograph taken in Austria in 1945-46. Courtesy of Ernie Scriven.

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