The Harmony Aces, the 16 DLI Dance Band
Harmony  Aces Band Members, from Geordie Magazine

Major A E C Vizard is sitting at the centre, middle row, in this 1945 photograph of the 16 DLI dance band, The Harmony Aces. Who is the officer sitting to the left of him?

This photograph also appeared in late 1945 in the Battalion magazine Geordie. The caption from that photo is reproduced at right. Several band members are named, but that still leaves several faces to place. Further details welcome. The band are listed as follows: Sgt Cowan, Sgt Gledhill, L/Cpl Ballard, Pte McCreery, Pte Credidio, Pte Wilson.

According to the 1946 OCA Address book, L/Sgt G A Gledhill was from 40 Bulay Road, Thornton Lodge, Huddersfield.

Credidio (also spelled Credido) and McCreery were veterans of the previous DLI band, The Melody Makers, see this photograph.

The 16 DLI Dance Band, The Harmony Aces, Austria, 1945

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