S Company, 16 DLI, Greece, 1945

Officers and Men, Carrier Platoon, Support Company, 16 DLI, 1945

Itís a shame that this hugely evocative photograph is of such poor quality, but hopefully somebody out there will have a better one. The image is of some of the officers and men of Support (ĎSí) Company (most probably all from the Carrier Platoon) in 1945. This photocopy quality image was sent out by Major A E C Vizard to all members of the Old Comradesí Association in the early 90s. The writing in biro at the top is either that of Major Vizard or that of my father.

The photograph is also reproduced at a slightly higher quality over pages 6-7 of Peter Hartís 1999 book about the Battalion, The Heat of Battle. For more on this book see the Book List and Links pages of the site.

Identified faces are: standing at extreme left with binoculars, Carrier Platoon officer Lt Russell Collins MC. The officer at the extreme right is the Support Company CO, Captain Harry Mynheer MM. The soldier sitting with the radio equipment and beret in the right front row is Pte Phillips. The man in the beret with the Thompson sub-machine gun in his lap sitting at around six in from the left, front row is Sgt H Chilvers MM. Also note the Don R despatch rider and the man holding the Bren gun at the back centre and the two mortars in the front row. Further help in placing more names to faces requested.