D Company Sergeants, late 1945

A group of D Company Sergeants in Vienna in late 1945. From the decorations in the background the picture seems to have been taken around Christmas time. Photograph courtesy of Tom Turnbull. Identifications by Tom Turnbull and Ken Lovell.

Back row, left to right: Jimmy Dwyer, ex-Beds and Herts, who was with the Battalion from 1940. Tom Turnbull, who joined the Battalion at Folkstone in January 1942 and served in B Company (see the large 1942 group photo) before moving to D Company on his promotion to Sergeant. George Poole. Sgt Lucas, another ex-Beds and Herts man, who was the Carrier Platoon's first Sgt in 1941. George Chester.

Front row: Tommy Page, Cess Fell, Tommy Farley, Sgt Williams, Sgt Yeomans.


D Coy Sergeants 1945