Company Headquarters, C Company 16 DLI, 1944

This photograph of the Company HQ, C Company, 16 DLI was taken at Er Rama, Palestine in April 1944 and is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Trustees of the DLI Museum and the Durham County Record Office, where it is catalogued as Ref No. D/DLI 2/16/5. The Record Office caption is as follows:

‘Group photograph of Company Headquarters staff, 'C' Company, 16th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry 'M.E.F.' [Middle East Force]:

Back row: Private F Wright, Corporal T Sirrell, Privates F Ward, A Carter, W A Miller, J Milburn

Middle row: Sergeant L Price, Company Sergeant-Major A Mattin, Major P Casey, Company Quartermaster-Sergeant E Rolls, Private D Craddock

Front row: Privates H. Fisher, F. Robinson, P. Rattigan, C.E. Johnson

Survivors from Sedjenane action: Ward, Miller, Mattin, Robinson, Johnson. Motorised Transport section, some at Sedjenane: Sirrell, Carter, Milburn, Fisher

Reinforcements after Sedjenane: Wright, Price, Casey, Rolls, Craddock, Rattigan.’

Pte Jackie Milburn joined 16 DLI in 9/43, just after Salerno. He was interviewed at length by the Imperial War Museum in 1992. This is the direct link to his interview:

C Coy HQ, 16 DLI, 1944