B Coy 16 DLI Greece 1945

This fascinating early 1945 group photograph features what must have been the entire B Company, 16 DLI in Greece. The writing in the background and that board at the front is an incontrovertible clue as to the date, unit and location! Translations as to what the signs on the buildings behind mean most welcome--itís all Greek to me. Photograph courtesy Martin Davies.

I wonder how many men on this photograph are also on the 1942 B Company photograph? Certainly all of the officers are different. Further details requested. The Company Commander, Major L Stringer, is sitting at 10th first row, with the 16th DLI sign in front and slightly to our right of him and next to him is the Battalion CO, Lt Col D Worrall.

Also of interest is the soldier of Afro-Carribean appearance in the middle centre. If anyone can spot themselves or a relative on this photo, please get in touch. As with every other group photograph on this site, thereís a lot of hidden history here which still needs to be documented.

For a left side enlargement, click here.

For a right side enlargement, click here.

For an enlargement featuring the mystery black 16 DLI soldier, click here.

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B COMPANY, 16 DLI, Greece, 1945
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