From Blaydon-on-Tyne, Joseph Albert ‘Bart’ Philipson (Army Number 4466555) was among the several large drafts of recruits called up into the 16th Battalion Durham Light Infantry on its formation in Edinburgh, Scotland, in July 1940.

Enlisting on July 26th 1940, he was one of the few soldiers to serve with the 16th Battalion Durham Light Infantry throughout its wartime existence. Probably initially assigned to‘C’ Company, Philipson, whose surname is consistently misspelled as ‘Phillipson’ in many documents, was awarded a Mention in Despatches in November 1945 (where the London Gazette also misspells his name as Phillipson!) Many thanks to his granddaughter, Lesley Milne, for sharing this fascinating collection of photographs and documents and for identifying Bart on the 1944 HQ Company photograph which already features on the website..

I have arranged the photographs in a broadly chronological order. Details and identifications are as supplied by Lesley. If anyone can put any further names to faces on the photos please get in touch.

The portrait of Pte J A Philipson at right top seems to be the earliest of his DLI photographs. Note the lack of the distinctive ‘Guards-style’ 16 DLI shoulder flash. This is illustrated on the home page of the web site and was not introduced until late 1941. Also the ‘Oak Tree’ Divisional sign for the 46th Infantry Division is of an earlier pattern compared to that worn from 1942 onwards. Also note the three ‘arm of service’ strips below the divisional sign which denotes 139 Brigade. In the photo below, the ‘Guards-style’ DLI shoulder flash can just be seen. The other photographs in the collection are listed as below, click on the hyper-links.

Home Service in the UK prior to December 1942, a cook and some satisfied 16 DLI customers.

Home Service, prior to December 1942, J A Philipson and two unidentified friends.

Three Unidentified Friends

In the Middle East, with two unidentifed friends, 1944

Sgt Hallett, 4440351

Pte G A ‘Chelsea’ Barker, 7782068

Names and Numbers on the back of Chelsea Barker’s Photo

A group of 16 DLI men in Austria in 1945

Another Group Photograph in Austria

Ernie Mowbray from Nottingham

Tom Colpitts from Washington and His Motorbike

‘Paddy’ Ryan, 16 DLI November 1945

Portrait Photographs of Unidentified Friends

More Portrait Photographs of Unidentified Friends

Cpl J A Philipson, Release Leave Certificate and Character Reference, November 1945

Lance Sergeant Philipson, at right.

Joseph Albert Philipson, 16th DLI, 1940-46
J A Philipson, early 16 DLI photo
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