A Platoon of B Company, 16 DLI in April 1944
B Company Platoon 1944

This photograph was taken at Er Rama in April 1944 and is possibly of 12 Platoon, B Coy. Photo and identifications by Tom Turnbull, who was a member of 10 Platoon, and Jack Roach’s son, David Roach, who spotted his father on the photo.

Front row, left to right: (1) Cpl Verdun Lockwood, ex-C Company, wounded at Sedjenane, returned to Battalion. Wounded again in Italy. (3) Bob Wallace, (4) Sgt George Weston (5) Lt J Gordon McKenzie, who postwar was a journalist and executive with the Daily Mail newspaper. (7) Possibly Sgt George Chester (9) possibly Bill Virr?

Second Row: (1) 'Taffy' Crewe, (3) George Taylor, KIA 3/9/44 (4) Jack Roach, wounded and POW, eventually in Stalag 7A, on 10/10/44; a Bren gunner, George Taylor was his usual ‘No 2’ (7) Ernie Murray (8) Jimmy Walters.

Back Row: (3) Jimmy Britland.

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Ernie Murray and Bill Virr were both interviewed at length by the Imperial War Museum in the 1990s. These can now be listend to online. These are the direct links to the interviews on the IWM site:

Ernie Murray: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80016743

Bill Virr: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80016747