A group photograph of D Company, 16th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry, taken at Winchelsea, Sussex in 1942. (Fred Bromilow Collection, caption last updated 07/03/19)

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Front row, going left to right: first from left: Pte Maurice Pletts, KIA on 8/3/43 after transfer to Carrier Platoon. 3rd from left, L/Cpl Francis. 6th from left, Sgt Charles Bray. POW from Sedjenane, interviewed at length by the author for Imperial War Museum Sound Archive in the year 2000, this is the direct link to the interview:


7th from left, Sgt Russell King. Interviewed by the IWM Sound Archive, listen to his interview here:


8th from left, CSM George Broadhead, KIA at Sedjenane. 9th from left, Lt F P Duffy, joined the Bn from the 17th DLI on 26/8/42, later Coy Commander. MC for actions on 15/9/43. 10th from left, Capt J H Waylen, Commanding Officer. 11th from left, Capt D H Clarke, wounded at Sedjenane, 27/2/43, a professional artist postwar. See these external sites:


12th from left, Lt R J Elliott, later MC. 13th from left, C/Sgt W 'Jimmy' James, interviewed at length by author for the IWM Sound Archive in 1999. Listen to the interview here:


14th from left, L/Sgt F McDonough, KIA at Sedjenane.15th from left, Sgt G Smith, 16th Cpl Palmer.

Second row: fourth left Pte Francis Godsmark, KIA in Italy, 13/10/43. 5th left Pte Brown. 9th from left, Pte Stamp. 3rd from right, name forgotten but remembered by Jimmy James as batman to Capt Waylen.

Third row: fifth from left, Pte Clement Ross Ackroyd, 4470369, from Oldham, reported wounded and missing Sedjenane, 27/2/43. POW in Italy and Germany, 1943-45. Seventh from left, Pte McGeoghegan. 8th from left, Pte George Pauley, KIA in Italy, 12/9/44. 9th from left, Possibly Pte Easy? (JD). 14th from left, Pte Gordon. 3rd from right, remembered by Jimmy James as an East End character, 'inseparable' with fellow East Ender at 4th from right, fourth row.

Also possibly on this photograph is Pte Ben Di Duca, 4466417.

This very rare document

elsewhere on the site places him in 17 Platoon D Coy, while this undated guard roster

lists the following soldiers, who are also probably somewhere on the above photograph: Ptes Atkinson, N Brown, Crozier, Lee, Gilroy, Osbourne and Stobbart.

D Company 16 DLI 1942

D COMPANY, 16th DLI, late 1942