This listing has been transcribed from the wartime DLI Newsletter. The original item is dated 31/7/41. Many of these officers had been posted to other units by the time the Battalion sailed for North Africa in December 1942. For a November 1942 listing click here.

Battalion HQ

Commanding Officer - T/Lt Col A S P Murray
Second-in-Command - Maj R M Gidlow-Jackson DSO
Adjutant - T/Capt I D L Cochrane
Assistant Adjutant - 2/Lt T N Douthwaite
Intelligence Officer - 2/Lt L Kauffman
Signals Officer - 2/Lt G F D Girling
Quartermaster - Lt A E Newman

HQ Company

Coy Commander - T/Maj W S Olleson
Carrier Platoon - Cdr T/Capt F B Kirkup
Motorcycle Section Cdr - 2/Lt H B Lax
Mortar Platoon Cdr - 2/Lt A E S Gibson
Anti-Aircraft Platoon Cdr - Platoon Sgt Maj F Glover
Pioneer Platoon Cdr - Lt A McKerrow
Messing Officer - 2/Lt R M Ponder
Motor Transport Officer - A/Capt D MacFeat
Battle Platoon Cdr - 2/Lt J H Waylen

A Company

Company Commander - T/Capt K N Hillas
Second-in-Command - 2/Lt J R Bavington-Jones

No 7 Platoon - 2/Lt R Galloway
No 8 Platoon - 2/Lt R Notman
No 9 Platoon - 2/Lt D E Hutchinson

B Company

Company Commander - T/Capt V E Brooks
Second-in-Command - 2/Lt N Dees

No 10 Platoon - 2/Lt D M Vulliamy
No 11 Platoon - 2/Lt R A Wharrier
No 12 Platoon - 2/Lt D T M Hopcroft

C Company

Company Commander - T/Capt T G L Ballance
Second-in-Command - A/Capt M H Brown

13 Platoon - 2/Lt G Jobey
14 Platoon - 2/Lt D R M Young
15 Platoon - 2/Lt C W Duck

D Company

Company Commander - T/Major C Aspinall
Second-in-Command - 2/Lt P J Harding

No 16 Platoon - 2/Lt R Walton
No 17 Platoon - 2/Lt C W T Young
No 18 Platoon - 2/Lt H J Harris

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A photograph and short bio of Lt (QM) A E ‘Bert’ Newman

Officers of the 16th DLI July 1941
Major Sholto Olleson, 16 DLI

Major Sholto Olleson, HQ Company Commander in July 1941, is pictured above as a pre-war territorial. Photograph courtesy Fred Bromilow. Below is the June 1941 leave ration card of Cpl Charles Bray. Note his Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment Army Number, which is in the 595 range, and the D Company, 16 DLI stamp. Courtesy Charles Bray.
Cpl Charles Bray, Leave Ration Card, 16 DLI
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