A Nominal Roll of the Officers of the 16th DLI, 30th November 1942

This listing is taken from a wartime DLI Newsletter and is written in the same, somewhat random order. The original listing does not include the specific company of most of the officers. I have added this information where it has been confirmed from other sources. A very special thanks to Malcolm McGregor for his detailed help and research regarding the officers of the 16th DLI in 1942-43. The names of officers killed in action are highlighted in red--for further details see the Roll of Honour section of the site. Those taken POW--all the Tunisian Campaign--are highlighted in blue. In addition, Capt Brown, Capt Clarke and Lt Kauffman were seriously wounded in Tunisia and did not return to the Battalion. Interestingly six Company Commanders are listed when a normal infantry battalion of the period only had five. The sixth could well be 'R' Company, the recruit training company of the Battalion. To see a late 1942 group photograph of the officers of the 16th DLI click here.

Abbreviations: T/Capt, T/Major: Temporary Captain and Temporary Major

T/Lt Col R F Ware MC - Commanding Officer, Bn HQ
Major D A H Bannerman - Second-in-Command, Bn HQ

T/Major K N Hillas - Company Commander, B Company
T/Major T G L Ballance - Company Commander, HQ Coy
T/Capt G F D Girling - Adjutant, Bn HQ
T/Capt F B Kirkup - Carrier Platoon Commander, HQ Coy

T/Capt B Hetherington - Company Commander, C Coy
T/Capt M H Brown - Company Commander, A Coy
T/Capt T A Cookson - Motor Transport Officer, HQ Coy

T/Capt R M Ponder - Company Commander
T/Capt J H Waylen - Company Commander, D Coy
A/Capt D H Clarke - Company Second-in-Command, D Coy
Lt F Ryan - Platoon Commander, Anti-Tank Platoon, HQ Coy, wounded Tunisia, returned to Bn
Lt J R Bavington-Jones - Company Second-in-Command, B Coy
Lieut L Kauffman - Company Second-in-Command, A Coy
Lt D B Stark - Platoon Commander, B Coy
Lt M B Davies - Platoon Commander, C Coy
Lt W A Tinwell - Platoon Commander, A Coy
Lt A H Doerr - Attached HQ 46th Division
Lt H B Lax - Platoon Commander, Carrier Platoon, HQ Coy
Lt P R M Glyn-Evans - Platoon Commander, A Coy, captured Sedjenane, escaped Italy to Switzerland in 9/43.
Lt R W Chapman - Platoon Commander
Lt G Jobey - Platoon Commander, C Company
Lt T W Weightman - Platoon Commander
Lt T H Mynheer MM - Platoon Commander, Mortar Platoon, HQ Coy, wounded Tunisia, returned to Bn
Lt C W Duck - Platoon Commander, C Coy
Lt W J Waring - Platoon Commander, HQ Coy
Lt H J Dorrian - Platoon Commander, B Coy
Lt D McGregor - Platoon Commander, B Coy
Lt T R Logan - Platoon Commander, Signal Platoon, HQ Coy
Lt J M Richardson - Platoon Commander
Lt F P Duffy - Platoon Commander, D Coy
2/Lt G Lindley - Platoon Commander (Intelligence Section, HQ Coy, in early 1943
2/Lt G R Harris - Platoon Commander
2/Lt H J Inall - Platoon Commander, A Coy
2/Lt H Pritchard - Platoon Commander, C Coy
2/Lt R J Elliott - Platoon Commander, D Coy
Lt QM A E Newman MBE - Quartermaster
T/Capt T N Douthwaite - Home Details
T/Capt J Welford - Home Details

Attached: Rev J M Lambert CF Cl IV - Chaplain
Lt J R Horn (RAMC) - Medical Officer

In addition the following officer is known to have joined the Battalion in December 1942: Lt C S Latimer, posted from 17 DLI in December 1942:

Reinforcements in Tunisia included: Capt A M K Martin - joined as Coy Cdr 2/43. The following officers all joined the Battalion in March 1943 in the aftermath of the Battle of Sedjenane: Capt A E C Vizard - Coy Cdr, in charge of a batch of 150 reinforcements which became known as E Company. Lt G R Harris. Lt F D Hayward, Carrier Platoon, HQ Coy, Lt N L John, Lt B L Myler, Lt T Reynolds, Lt R Whitehead.