Italian POW Card, Sgt Charles Bray, D Company, 16 DLI

Sgt Charles Bray of 18 Platoon, D Company, 16th DLI was taken taken POW on March 2nd 1943---though as with Pte Syd Shutt and so many other 16 DLI POWs--see the newspaper item on the following page--the War Office recorded him as being posted ‘Missing’ between February 27th and March 1st. Ex-Beds and Herts (5950691) he was with the Battalion from the start in July 1940. Though captured by the Germans, all Sedjenane POWs were soon handed over into Italian hands, and then allowed to send a postcard like this one back home to their families. Sgt Bray was held at Camp 98 in Sicily, Camp 53 in mainland Italy and Stalags 17B and 8A in Germany, with the German POW number 155266. For the 1942 D Company photograph on which he features, click here. For a 1942 portrait photo and more on Army Numbers, click here. Note, though known as Charlie in the Army, Mr Bray was always known as ‘Bert’ within his family, hence that name on the card below.