By his splendid leadership and excellent control, combined with dash and drive, he routed the enemy. 15 were killed and 11 prisoners taken, also several wounded and D Company only had one man wounded in this bayonet charge. I recommend most strongly that that Captain Duffy be given an immediate award of a Military Cross.' Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

HULSE, Pte Ernest 4271657 MM

'No 4271657 Pte HULSE is a stretcher-bearer with C Company, 16th Btn The Durham Light Infantry. During the night 15/16th September 1943, on a hill feature to the NORTH of SALERNO overlooking the hospital, he showed great courage and devotion to his duty in evacuating wounded when under enemy machine gun fire. On 16th September 1943 Private HULSE was again conspicuous by the way in which he continued to evacuate wounded men when the Company position was being mortared. It is fair to say that he was responsible for evacuating some 30 casualties on the dates stated and the majority of them under fire. I consider that the work of this stretcher-bearer should be rewarded by the immediate award of a Military Medal.' Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

WINTERHAUSEN, L/Sgt John William 3969216 MM

'No 3969216 Lance Sergeant WINTERHAUSEN with an assault section of Pioneers was under command Carrier Platoon (dismounted) in the house on the outskirts of Salerno from 12th September until night 15/16th September 1943. During this time they were in close contact with the enemy in this very enclosed country. Throughout this time Lance Sergeant WINTERHAUSEN kept his men cheerful and remained calm and cool under difficult circumstances. On the afternoon of 17th September 1943 it became imperative to get more 3" mortar ammunition forward to A Company who were being attacked. Lance Sergeant WINTERHAUSEN was ordered to take a carrying party forward. In order to do this, he had to cross a crest which was under machine gun and shell fire. He halted his men under the crest, went forward with some ammunition by himself, then returned and led his men forward, slipping them over the crest one at a time. By his personal example and handling of his men Lance Sergeant Winterhausen completed his task and got the ammunition there. I strongly recommend this NCO to be granted an immediate award of a Military Medal.' Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.

PRESTON, WS/Major ((T/Lt Col) John Chamberlayne 4054 DSO

'During the attack to clear the VIETRI defile on 23 Sept, Col PRESTON was given the task of making a long approach march through the most difficult, montainous country, prior to an attack on the Pt 600 (LA CROCELLE) feature. Colonel Preston succeeded in his task and was established on his objective in good time, despite all difficulties. This success had a very material effect on the outcome of the day's fighting. It also released the bulk of the 6 Y & L for operations at LA MOLINA. Colonel PRESTON has shown himself to be a first class leader and battalion commander.' Recommended by [signature unreadable] Brigadier Commanding, 138th INF BDE.

Handwritten addition to citation: 'This officer's personal example of
coolness and courage in the face of the enemy has contributed directly to the remarkable success of his unit--usually achieved with the minimum of casualties.' Recommended for DSO 1 Oct 1943.'JLI Hawksworth Maj-Gen
Comd 46 Div.


Major Frank Duffy MC

Major Frank Duffy MC, above photograph courtesy of Mrs M Maud. Newspaper item below courtesy The Middlesborough Evening Gazette. The photograph at bottom, of L/Sgt John Wintershausen MM, is courtesy of his son, Paul. For more photos of John Wintershausen, click on the image.
Newspaper item Frank Duffy MC
J Wintershausen MM 16 DLI