SHERLAW, WS/Lieut Ronald 255814 MC

'On the afternoon of 23rd September 1943, it was found that there was a force of some enemy in CORPO DI CARVA estimated about 30 strong. It was essential to assist the Platoon of 6th Bn The York and Lancaster Regiment who were in contact with them to clear the village as far as possible. Lieut SHERLAW was detailed to proceed with a fighting patrol and make contact. In the thick and enclosed country on route he located individual snipers and by his courage and resource dealt with 4 of them. On reaching CORPO DI CARVO, he made contact with the 6th Bn The York and Lancaster Platoon and by clearing some houses and destroying several Germans as well as taking four prisoners, he restored the situation temporarily. At 1900 hours two tanks and some 30 infantry came down from ARCANGELO. Having no PIAT, he concealed his patrol and sniped the infantry, till artillery fire drove the tanks away. Lieut Sherlaw's inspiring leadership, coolness and courage inspired his patrol. I strongly recommend this young officer for the immediate award of a Military Cross.' Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry

WORRALL, WS/Capt (T/Major) Dennis Henry Clemson 53030 MC

'By the evening of 23rd September 1943, B and D Coys of the 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry had been on their objective since dawn. They had had no food since the evening of 22nd September 1943. It was essential to get rations and water to them, but there was a force of some 30 enemy in CORPO DI CARVA and on the route thence from DRAGONE. Major WORRALL was given the task of getting the rations through. With three jeeps, 40 AMPC acting as porters and a platoon as escort, he fought his way through. The path was so narrow in places that jeeps had only inches to spare. It was very dark and the force was harrassed by snipers. On arrival at CORPO DI CARVA, Major WORRALL personally led an attack on an enemy position across the road. He contacted the platoon of 6th Bn The York and Lancaster Regiment and a fighting patrol who had been sent out early. He secured a base and successfully led the porters up tp Pt 600. By his courage, initiative and drive, he got the rations through. I consider that Major WORRALL'S action strongly merits the immediate award of a Military Cross.' Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry

SYKES, Cpl (A/Sgt) Raymond 4464846 MM

'’On 13th October 1943 D Company 16th Bn THE DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY were established on their second objective on the line of a Canal some three miles North of the VOLTURNO River. Corporal (Now A/Sergeant) SYKES was acting as Platoon Sergeant and the Platoon were on the far bank of the Canal. At about 1200 hours the Platoon were counter-attacked by a force of the enemy heavily armed with automatic weapons and grenades. They succeeded in over-running the observation post on the forward slope. Sergeant SYKES, alone and armed only with a TSMG and three grenades, immediately ran across to the assistance of the two men in their observation post both of whom were wounded. The canal bank which he crossed was under constant gunfire from the flank. One of the wounded men told Sergeant Sykes that the enemy were establishing a machine gun on the bank of the Canal. Without hesitation, Sergeant Sykes ran along the top of the bank under fire, threw his grenades at the enemy and caused them to withdraw. The situation then having been restored, SYKES then returned to the wounded men still under heavy fire from the flank and managed to bring them both back to safety. The gallantry of this NCO and his complete disregard for his own personal safety was an inspiration to those who saw his action. Not only did he chase the enemy away, but also probably saved the lives of these two wounded men whom he brought back to safety and medical attention. I strongly recommend that Acting Sergeant Sykes be granted the immediate award of a Distinguished Conduct Medal.’ [sic: ‘Recommended for MM’ handwritten at bottom of typescript, by ‘Lieut-General, Commander 10 Corps’--signature unreadable.] Recommended by Lieut Colonel J C Preston, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry.


D Worrall

These enlargements of Col J Preston DSO above and Col D Worrall MC, below are both enlarged from the 1944 Officers’ Photograph
Col J Preston DSO