THOMASSON, WS Regimental Sgt Major 4449248 MBE

'Regimental Sergeant Major Thomasson of the 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry has held his present rank since 16th September 1942. During the period 1st April to 2nd May 1944 [sic], as before, he has set a splendid example at all times to all ranks of the Battalion. He carried out the duties of Regimental Sergeant Major during the NORTH AFRICAN and ITALIAN campaigns and has fostered a fine Regimental Spirit and helped to band together reinforcements who have been drawn from many regiments. In action his cool and calm manner when carrying out his duties is an inspiration. He has never failed to get up ammunition when required at times under most trying conditions.

'Out of the line, he is quick in doing all he can to ensure a correct standard of turn out, saluting and discipline generally. In my opinion Regimental Sergeant Major Thomasson has done much to ensure the success of the Battalion in action. I strongly recommend that he be granted the award of Member of the Order of the British Empire. Recommended by Lieut Col DHC Worrall MC, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry. Date Recommendation received Bde: 24 May 1945.

ELLIOTT, WS Lt Ronald John 240604 MC

'Lieutenant ELLIOTT has commanded a platoon of the 16th Battalion the 16th Battalion The Durham Light Infantry since September 1942, and has taken a part in all the actions in which the Battalion has fought. During the period 3rd December 1943 to 2 May 1945 he has commanded the Pioneer Platoon.

'The spirit in which the Pioneers have carried out the dangerous tasks given to them both in and out of action has been largely due to the fine example set by Lieutenant ELLIOTT. Lieutenant ELLIOTT and his platoon were responsible for clearing a crossing for tanks over the Foglia. This action was carried out under heavy mortar and machine gun fire. The platoon were twice forced to abandon their work. They finally completed it under the cover of a smoke screen. Lieutenant ELLIOTT's conduct in this action was an inspiration to his Platoon.

'His devotion to duty and calm and cheerful manner in and out of action has fostered and maintained a very high spirit of espirit de corps in his Platoon despite many changes due to casualties in his Platoon. I strongly recommend him for a periodic award of a Military Cross.'

Recommended by Lieut Col DHC Worrall MC, Commanding 16th Bn The Durham Light Infantry. Date Recommendation received Bde: 19 June 1945.

Originally a D Company Platoon Officer, Lt R J Elliott MC was one of the very few officers to remain with the 16th DLI for its entire period of active service in 1943-45, so it is perhaps appropriate that his Military Cross should have been the very last gallantry award assigned to the Battalion. The enlargement above is taken from the 1942 D Company photograph.
Lt R J Elliott MC 16 DLI
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