This section combines the name-only Honours and Awards listing in Major L E Stringer's 1946 book The History of The Sixteenth Battalion The Durham Light Infantry with the detailed date, location and narrative information provided by the original gallantry award citations. Copies of the original Army Form documents for these awards are held at the Public Record Office at Kew. Crown Copyright in this material is acknowledged.

The Officers and Other Ranks awards listings that follow below are arranged alphabetically with the specific date of the action concerned opposite the soldier's name. If the award is a 'periodic' one, that is for consistent excellent work over a period of time rather than for a specific action, this is also noted. These alphabetical lists are hyper-linked (click on a name) to the next section of the site which arrange the citations as a 1943-45 chronology. Thus if the citations are read in sequence they become almost a history of the Battalion in action. Periodic awards are placed in the chronology according to the date that the award recommendation was received at Brigade Headquarters. In transcribing the documents I have made a few minor punctuation revisions, but have generally followed the considerable variation in style of abbreviations, use of capital letters and so on which feature from one citation to the next.

Distinguished Service Order

JOBEY, W/S Lt (T/Capt) A/Major) George 172372. Periodic award May 1944.

PRESTON, WS/Major ((T/Lt Col) John Chamberlayne 4054
Actions on 23/9/43.

Military Cross

BALLANCE, T/Major Thomas George Lance 73434

Actions in early March 1943 (exact date not specified).

CASEY, T/Major (WS Capt) Patrick Anthony 256432 Actions on 23/11/44.

COLLINS, WS/Lt Russell Henry 264626 Actions on 6/12/43.

DUFFY, WS/Lt (T/Captain) 219902 Actions on 15/9/43.

ELLIOTT, WS Lt Ronald John 240604 Periodic award June 1945.

JONES, WS/Capt Hugh Morris 226721 (RAMC attached 16th DLI) Actions on 6/12/43.

PEARSON, WS Lt Arthur 301498 Actions on 3/9/44.

REYNOLDS, Lt Thomas [Personal Number not fully legible on original citation] Actions on 22/4/43.

SHERLAW, WS/Lt Ronald 255814 Actions on 23/9/43.

WORRALL, WS/Capt (T/Major) Dennis Henry Clemson 53030 Actions on 23/9/43.

Member of the British Empire

NEWMAN, Captain A E (QM)
New Year’s Honours List, 1/1/42

THOMASSON, WS Regimental Sgt Major E 4449248 Recommended May 1945.

Distinguished Conduct Medal

WILSON, A/WOII (CSM) Stanley Arthur 3435626 Actions on 13/9/43.

US Silver Star

MAY, CSM Anthony 5946226 Actions on 29-30/1/44.

Above items The Yorkshire Evening Post and The Shields Gazette.
Lt Col J Preston DSO
Major P Casey MC, 16th DLI
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