Military Medal

CALDERBANK, L/Cpl Arthur 4462113 Actions on 22/4/43

CAWDRON, WS/Cpl John Charles 4464722 Actions on 6/12/43

CHILVERS, WS Sgt Henry 4459297 Periodic award 1/45

CROOKES, Pte Ronald 14216056 Actions on 27/9/44

DOUGLAS, Pte Robert 4466422 Periodic award May 1945

DRAKE, L/Sgt Joseph 4464742 Actions on 3/3/43

GEROWSKI, Pte Frederick 6094735 Actions on 22/11/44

GRIFFIN, WS Sgt Peter William Hamilton 5951910 Periodic award May 1944

HALL, WS Cpl Jack 4696086 Actions on 1-2/9/44

HOOD, Sgt James 5951812 Actions 17/9/43-31/5/44 (Escaped POW)

HOOLEY, Pte Harry 4617159 Actions on 27/9/44

HUDSON, L/Sgt William 4468255 Actions on 3/9/44

HULSE, Pte Ernest 4271657 Actions on 15-16/9/43

LEADBITTER, Pte John 4469562
Actions on 2/3/43, the Battalion’s first Military Medal.

LEWINDON, Cpl John 5951827 Actions on 14-15/9/43

MATTIN, WS WOII (CSM) Arthur 5947792 Periodic award May 1944

PECKETT, Pte John 1433647 Actions on 13-14/12/44

SAUNDERS, Pte (A/Cpl) Jack 4694485 Actions on 13/9/43

SYKES, Cpl (A/Sgt) Raymond 4464846 Actions on 13/10/43

THREADGOLD, Sgt Donald 4689911 Actions on 22/4/43

WINTERHAUSEN, L/Sgt John William 3969216 Actions on 17/9/43


G Leadbitter the 16 DLI's first MM

This enlargement from the 1942 D Company photograph features George Leadbitter MM at top right with several so far unidentified colleagues. Identification by Jimmy James. To see the full photograph, click here.

Leadbitter was awarded the Battalion’s first Military Medal, for his actions at Djebel Guerba during the Battle of Sedjenane on 2/3/43. He was killed in action on 8/12/43.

The Military Medal and two portrait photographs of L/Sgt John Wintershausen MM of the Pioneer Platoon are reproduced below, courtesy of his son Paul. (Note John Wintershausen’s name is consistently misspelled as ‘Winterhausen’ in Army documents). For an enlargement and more photos of John Wintershausen click on the image.
MM and portrait photos, J Wintershausen
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