This section of the site features a varied collection of documents, letters and ephemera relating to the 16th DLI. The items are arranged in chronological order with explanatory notes, as appropriate. But please note that most documents relating to 16 DLI POWs are posted in the Prisoners of War section of the site. The present contents here are listed below, click on the links:

Two Envelopes, Three Years of Service, Sgt Charles Bray, D Company, 1940-43

Pte Ben Di Duca, 4466417, enlisted 7/40, Documents.

Signal Platoon Training Timetable March 1941
Signal Platoon Movement Orders July 1941

Leave Ration Card Cpl Charles Bray July 1941

Signed 16th DLI Officers’ Christmas Day 1942 Dinner Menu, MV Staffordshire

A Postcard from Algiers, D Coy CQMS W James

Pte Percy Ord, C Company, Photographs and Documents, including an ‘At Sea’ Pay Book entry for 25/12/42

Soldier’s Will Form, a Letter home from December 1942 and Letters and Postcards from the Troopship Staffordshire, Algiers and Tunisia by Pte T Tunney, C Company
Surviving POW Correspondence 1943-45, Pte T Tunney

Pte Evan Darlington, C Company, Ex-14 DLI, POW escaper and 2 DLI, photographs and documents

Wounded in Action Telegram, Pte George Forster, C Coy, 16 DLI, March 1943
Casualty Notification, Pte George Forster, March 1943

War Office Casualty Notification, Pte Syd Shutt, B Company, March 1943

Italian POW Card, Sgt Charles Bray, D Company, March 1943

Local Newpaper Items and Returned Envelopes, ‘Reported Missing’ Sgt Charles Bray, March 1943
War Office POW Notification, Sgt Charles Bray, March 1943

Major A E Vizard, E, A and HQ Companies, 1943-46, Photographs and Documents

Pte Albert Pike, B Company, Sedjenane Casualty & Repatriated POW, a 1944 newspaper article
Wounded in Action, a Letter Home by L/Cpl Norman Bland, B Company, April 1943

The Salerno Times, issue 16/9/43, published on the beachhead

Three Letter Cards from Italy, Cpl John Petty, B Coy

Pte G R Hamilton, B Company, POW at Camp E 715 Auschwitz, documents and group photo

A 16 DLI Christmas Card from Italy, Photos and a 1944 Souvenir of the Holy Land, Sgt Arthur Abbott

POW Notification, Pte Tom English of Thornley, POW in Greece, December 1944.

A May 9th 1945 Letter from Sgt P Griffin MM to his ex-POW friend Sgt Charles Bray

1946 16th DLI Leaving Certificate, Pte Alex ‘Jock’ Gray

Record of Service and Photographs, Pte Percy Wilson, A Company

A Display of the WW2 Campaign Medals and 46th Division Shoulder Flash of L/Cpl W Townend, Mortar Platoon, 16 DLI, 1940-46

1946 16 DLI Leaving Certificate, Pte J G Copeman

1946 16 DLI Leaving Certificate, portrait photograph and Record of Service, Pte C Cook, 3131554

The Campaign Medals posthumously awarded to Pte J Vile, B Company, 16 DLI.

16th DLI Old Comrades’ Assocation, a complete transcription of over 600 members’ names and addresses compiled from the 1945, 1946 and 1947 Members’ Booklets.

16 DLI Old Comrades’ Association 1980s Christmas Card and Attendence List for the first Reunion in 1947.
OCA Attendance List, 1978 Reunion.

Charles Bray 1940  16 DLI envelope

Left, where it all began! L/Cpl Charles Bray was transferred from the 6th Battalion Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment into the 16th DLI on its formation in July 1940. Note his ‘Beds and Herts’ Army number, which is in the 595 range, unlike the new recruits he was training, whose DLI numbers were all in the 446 range. See the Army Numbers section of the site for a fuller explanation.
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